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OB/Newborn Scenarios
Using state-of-the-art technology, the Rural SimCenter immerses the healthcare team in a dynamic, high pressure scenarios with a complex clinical course.   These scenarios are followed by instructor led debriefings during which trainees build confidence and enhance their cognitive, technical and behavioral skills.  The OB/PEDS team is able to improve the care they provide, improve required skills that are clinically relevant and transferable to patient care.  
The Enloe OB/Newborn teams practice for high risk/low volume events such as postpartum hemmorage.  Interdisciplinary teams that combine physicians, nurses, and technicians participate in the training.  Each year a new scenario is developed and presented to teams to assure they are prepared.  The scenarios focus on new policies and procedures as well as team dynamics.  
Each session is recorded and available for review and use during debriefing.  The debriefing sessions are another opportunity for participants to fine tune their communication, teamwork and discuss possible systems problems that may impact the care of their patients.


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