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Managing Director:  Elisabeth Voelker, MBA

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What is Simulation?

Simulation is a technique not a technology for interactive, immersive activities that amplify, replace or recreate actual experiences in the healthcare environment. 


Simulation Training originated in the flight industry after experts discovered that the majority of disasters had the root causation of poor communication and lack of knowledge regarding emergency protocols.


Simulation education became a focus within the medical community after reports in the late 90’s cited lack of teamwork, errors in judgment, lack of critical knowledge, and poor recall as major contributors to medical errors leading to catastrophic clinical outcomes.


Medical Simulation Training is now endorsed by IOM, Joint Comission, AAP, ACOG, and AABC.  Studies show a reduction in adverse outcomes after initiation of simulation training in all fields where they are utilized.


Emergencies require rapid mobilization and immediate response.   Regular simulation practice ensures that healthcare professionals have the clinical skills, situational knowledge, and communication techniques in place to provide excellent care for patients.

"Increasing Patient Safety Through Improved Clinical Proficiency and Teamwork!"


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