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RN Refresher Dates & Deadlines

Registration Dates for the Fall Class 2024
              June 2, to August 9, 2024  closes sooner if class is full

This course is designed to give the most flexibility possible to fit into today's busy lives!

Learning takes place online so you decide what time of day works best.

The course is approximately sixteen weeks of online work with one additional day at the end required at the Simulation Center. 

Dates to Remember:

  • Orientation

          The Orientation Day is online through Zoom.  A week or so prior to the Orientation            day, a link to the Zoom Session will be emailed to the address you submitted with                        your registration information.

           During orientation, you'll have the opportunity to meet with your instructor and                  colleagues. Online Software Program.  Finally, a question-and-answer session will provide you with enough time for your understanding to be complete.  Orientation for the Fall Session's Orientation is scheduled for Thursday, August 22, 2024,  9-11 AM.

  • Skills and Simulation Day

​          This is an action-packed day, starting with hands-on practice of medical surgical                nursing skills such as IVs, NGs, Urinary Catheter Placement, and donning and                        doffing PPE.  In the second half of the day, simulation scenarios will allow you to                    practice the skills learned throughout the course.  Each scenario will be debriefed by your instructors to add to your learning.  


  • You will be able choose one day from these dates:  Dec 18 or Dec. 19, 2024  8:30- 4:30



Payment Deadlines and Registration Costs:


  •    Early Bird Registration              $1,600  June 2 to  June 29, 2024


  •    Registration                               $1,800  June 30, to July 27, 2024


  •    Late Registration if space available           $2,000  July 27,  to August 9, 2024



"To Increase Patient Safety Through Improved Clinical Proficiency and Teamwork!"

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