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Information for Students
Rural SimCenter students are both undergraduate and practicing professionals from many different disciplines who participate in educational programs at the SimCenter.















The Rural Northern California Clinical Simulation Center Partnership is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art education using dynamic teaching tools. Through the use of the Clinical Simulation Center, students and professionals can experience risk-free, hands-on clinical situations. Examples include mock codes, intubation procedures, inserting chest tubes, managing critical care scenarios and numerous other opportunities.


The simulation center allows the student to update their clinical practice--by working as individuals or teams--in real-case scenarios designed improve student skills, communication, teamwork, and professionalism without risk or harm to patients.

Students will be working with high fidelity mannequins or in some cases with live patient actors. Patient Actors receive case information and objectives and work with simulation instructors to provide a realistic training experience for students.


Students who are scheduled to spend time at the SimCenter may wish to become familiar with our expectations prior to your visit.


  1. VISITOR EXPECTATIONS: You will be expected to sign a participation agreement, dress in uniform or appropriate for the clinical situation that is being simulated.  Students who do not comply with the agreements will be unable to particpate.

  2. EVALUATION: Our policy is that every student evaluates their simulation experience every time.  The only exception to this policy is the classes that meet weekly.


The SimCenter staff is available to help you if you have any questions.


"Increasing Patient Safety Through Improved Clinical Proficiency and Teamwork!"

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