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Simulation Educator Courses 2024
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                       In person, courses are now limited. Let us help you find online simulation instructor courses.

 Our award-winning simulation center offers a relaxed and supportive learning environment.  We are proud to have offered a cost-effective option for simulation educators for more than 15 years!  Experience state-of-the-art technology while you practice in an ideal setting for hands-on training using simulation.
Learn to provide highly effective simulation programs for your hospital, educational center or clinic.  The interactive environment will provide faculty with the knowledge and skills to use simulation to its full potential, with an emphasis on improving student learning.  The courses emphasize the guidelines for simulation education defined by the recent NCSBN Simulation Study. Email for course information and flyers.

We have been accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare in the area of Education and Teaching since 2010!    We offer quality educational programs to meet your simulation education needs.
Many SimCenter educators are CHSE (Certified Simulation Healthcare Educators)!  If you'd like to become a certified educator ask us how educator courses can put you on the path to certification!

Sim 1.0     January 16, 2024


A one-day class for health care professionals who want to use Simulators and simulations for teaching! This is an entry level course for healthcare educators.  The course offers the first steps to develop expertise in the use of high fidelity patient simulation for healthcare instructors!


The Sim 1.0 course will showcase the latest simulation educator methods and get you off

to a good start with scenario design and development.

EMAIL: to register

Sim 2.0     March 4 & 5, 2024

The next steps in simulation education with increased focus on debriefing, unfolding case scenarios, evaluation, interdisciplinary cases and curriculum integration. This course is designed to help the educator close student learning gaps using simulation methods.


This course is designed to take novice simulation instructors to the next level of simulation design.

Prerequisite: Beginning 1.0 Simulation Course.

EMAIL: to register

Sim 4G      [not currently offered]

Simulation Specialty Courses.

  • Scenario Design

  • Debriefing Tools and Techniques

  • Debriefing for Experienced Users

  • Technology for the SimTECH


Prerequisite:  Beginning and Intermediate Level Simulation Courses.  The specialty courses are advanced courses taught in small groups.  Attend Only One or All Four!

"Increasing Patient Safety Through Improved Clinical Proficiency and Teamwork!"

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