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Out Of the Sim Lab And Into the Ship- Live Helicopter Simulation Conference Presentation

October 25, 2017

Flight Crew members Jenny Humphries and Tom Stedman presented their innovative simulation work at the Air Medical Transport Conference in Fort Worth Texas!  They found that there are programs that have and are developing clinical flight simulators but that Enloe's crew is the only group that has accomplished live helicopter simulations. The use of an actual ambulance and helicopter adds to the scenario fidelity.   The flight crews train quarterly to improve patient safety by participating in simulation training.

RN-ASC Meeting of Northern California Simulation Educators

October 27, 2017

The Bi-annual meeting of the Rural Northern California Healthcare Simulation Collaborative met to provide education on new products including the Super Tory baby simulator by Gaumard and showcasing wearable technologies designed by Avkin technologies.  Educators from throughout Northern California traveled to Chico to attend the meeting, share simulation education activities and learn about simulation programs in Northern California.

California State University Chico Student Health Center Does On-Site Training

October 20, 2017

On-Site Training provides practice for healthcare professionals at the CSU Chico Student Health Center.  Staff and Professionals practiced their emergency systems, used equipment and worked in teams.  By practicing with equipment teams are able to become familiar with their equipment and determine If they have appropriate systems in place to be able to provide rapid and excellent care to students in crisis.  Teams working with Dr. Deborah Stewart were able to complete two emergency scenarios that focused on systems improvement, teamwork, and communication.

Nursing Students Practice Medical Surgical Scenarios as part of a Capstone Nursing Course

November 09, 2017

Nursing students in the capstone simulation course N400 are exposed to many scenarios that provide a variety of opportunities for learning.  Each week presents a new set of challenges with scenarios ranging from cardiac codes and sepsis management to end of life events. This unique course provides many opportunities for students to practice leadership, communication and teamwork!  Understanding lab values, medication administration and how to manage a patient in cardiac arrest are all part of a days work for these students.



Nursing Professors Get Funding for Diversity Simulations

November 09, 2017

CSU Chico Nursing Faculty Gema Knipe and Becky Damazo were granted funding from the Song-Brown Healthcare Workforce Training Program by the Office of Statewide Healthcare Planning and Development to develop Simulation Diversity Scenarios and purchase a new child mannequin.  They received $124,900 in funding.  With this funding the faculty team will be working with CSU Chico campus diversity experts and community members to provide realistic and informative training to healthcare students and professionals at the simulation center.

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